About Us

Dr.M.Kolappa pillai is a Siddha physician with more than 29 years of clinical experiences in Siddha System. He is the Director of Siddha Clinic in East Tambaram, Chennai. He finished His Graduation in Siddha Medicine[ BSMS ] at Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu in 1990. He dedicated his service at Naranammalpuram village in Tirunelveli district for a Year. He migrated to Chennai and Started Clinic at Mudichur in 1991. He then started Siddha clinic in 1994 At East Tambaram. He has been continuing his services in consultation at East Tambaram for almost 28 years.

Dr. M.Kolappa pillai, B.S.M.S working to bring back the tradition with modern approach to serve the society by treating the diseases and making awareness about the healthy way of life through siddha medical system.




Siddha system of medicine is a traditional system of healing that originated in south India. The siddha system is based on a combination of ancient medicinal practices and spiritual disciplines.

Ancient practitioners of siddha medicine are known as SIDDHARS.

According to siddha system, there are 5 elements that exist in nature: earth, water, fire ,air and ether all of which form the original basis of all corporeal things.

Three of the elements-air, fire and water are emphasized in siddha medicine because they are believed to form the three fundamental components that make up the human constitution. They are vata, pitta & kapha known as “humours”.

Academic Details

Dr M.Kolappa Pillai finished his school education in 1984. From 1984-1990 completed UG degree at Govt. siddha medical college, palayamkottai and got the professional degree B.S.M.S (Bachelor of siddha medicine & surgery) at Madurai kamaraj university on December 1990.

Clinical Experiences

Started a clinic at remote village Naranammalpuram at Tirunelveli district and served the poor for more than a year(1990-1991). Then migrated to Chennai & worked as a siddha physician at G.K.Hospital, perambur (1991-1992). After started own clinic at Mudichur,and served people there for more than five years(1992-1996).

Then started a clinic in East Tambaram on 1994 January, named “SIDDHA CLINIC” with a pharmacy and running it in a successful scale till now..




To make a healthy society with a healthy way of life through siddha medical system.



Treating not only the patients and diseases,but also taking care of the whole Human Life with the help of Siddha medicines through eliminating the causes of the ailment.